In today's challenging economy, we stand ready to assist America's growing ranks of small-to-medium sized business entrepreneurs in their quest for sources of readily accessible working capital. It's no secret.  Banks aren't lending.  In fact, recent statistics show that 92% of all small business owners applying for traditional bank financing are turned down

Turn to us!

Consultants at our affiliate TAMCO Capital Commercial Finance, [ ] are experts in providing America's small business entrepreneurs with the ready cash needed to grow their companies.  Access to capital is the pathway to success in any economy.

We'd like to join your team so you can employ our years of factoring and alternative commercial finance experience to put you in the driver's seat for ready sources of working capital and liquidity.  Teaming up with experts in service sector finance will sustain your competitive advantage as a business owner or as an investor.


Doing business on a B2B basis and invoicing for sales, then financing those sales in a competitive market economy, is a given. Without question, factoring is the easiest method of financing when cash flow is tight. In fact, the potential to grow your business exponentially through factoring is well documented across the globe.

We realize that certain industries experience cash flow problems more predictably than others.
With this in mind, our consultants specialize in certain industries. Among them are:

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