TAMCO Capital LLC, a real estate solutions firm in the secondary mortgage market, specializes in non-performing commercial mortgages that we acquire in pools from financial institutions with total assets under management of $1 billion dollars or less.

What We Buy

Our capital group invests in portfolios from $1 million to $25 million, typically buying pools of aggregated multiple mortgages from an extensive network of sellers:  Investment Banks, Hard Money Lenders, Community Banks, Warehouse Facility Providers, Portfolio Lenders, and Individual Investors.

We will accept bids from qualified brokers, as well, and are always interested in working with new clients. In addition to our long-standing seller relationships – who ensure a strong, consistent pipeline of potential investments – we have access to substantial capital. We also have a proven, sophisticated system to conduct a meticulous analysis of each portfolio, as well as a fast, sound method to provide speedy closings. Our sweet spots are:

For more information, or to request a quote*, visit us online today at TAMCO-reo.com.

*We do not mark books to market but will consult with interested parties case-by-case